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Belicena, Granada

Chalet for sale
size220m² bedroom/s3 baths3
168.000€ (£ 147.600 app.) (763,63€/m² )

Cúllar Vega, Granada

Chalet for sale
size175m² bedroom/s3 baths3 garage plot size200m² swimming pool
185.000€ (£ 162.535 app.) (1.057,14€/m² )

Tres Arroyos, Badajoz

Chalet for sale
size100m² bedroom/s3 baths1 garage plot size5.500m²
137.000€ (£ 120.364 app.) (1.370€/m² )

Valdepastores, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Chalet for sale
size450m² bedroom/s5 baths5 garage2 garden
595.000€ (£ 522.750 app.) (1.322,22€/m² )

Urb. Roquetas de Mar, Almería

Chalet for sale
size240m² bedroom/s4 baths4 garage8 plot size800m² garden swimming pool
699.000€ (£ 614.122 app.) (2.912,5€/m² )

Zigoitia, Álava (Araba)

Chalet for sale
size105m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage1 plot size1.700m²
290.000€ (£ 254.786 app.) (2.761,9€/m² )

Urb. el Morro, Navas del Rey, Madrid

Chalet for sale
size186m² bedroom/s5 baths2 garage plot size906m²
137.800€ (£ 121.067 app.) (740,86€/m² )


Chalet for sale
size400m² bedroom/s4 baths2 garage swimming pool
from 334.900€ (£ 294.233 app.) (837,25€/m² )

Santa Cruz de la Serós, Huesca

Chalet for sale
size500m² bedroom/s6 baths3 garage3 plot size1.400m² garden
522.000€ (£ 458.614 app.) (1.044€/m² )

Manises, Valencia

Chalet for sale
size235m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage
200.925€ (£ 176.527 app.) (855€/m² )

Gójar, Granada

Chalet for sale
size230m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage1 plot size150m² garden swimming pool
189.000€ (£ 166.050 app.) (821,73€/m² )

Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo

Chalet for sale
size370m² bedroom/s3 baths3 garage6 plot size411m² garden swimming pool
240.000€ (£ 210.857 app.) (648,64€/m² )

Ctra. de Botoa, Badajoz

Chalet for sale
size70m² bedroom/s2 baths1 garage plot size5.000m²
70.000€ (£ 61.500 app.) (1.000€/m² )

Robledo de Chavela, Madrid

Chalet for sale
size111m² bedroom/s1 baths2 plot size1.200m²
178.500€ (£ 156.825 app.) (1.608,1€/m² )

Puerto de Alcudia, Alcudia / Alcúdia, Baleares (Illes Balears), Mallorca

Chalet for sale
size164m² bedroom/s4 baths2 garage1 plot size350m²
590.000€ (£ 518.357 app.) (3.597,56€/m² )

Poblados Maritimos, Burriana, Castellón

Chalet for sale
size173m² bedroom/s3 baths1 plot size521m² garden swimming pool
450.000€ (£ 395.357 app.) (2.601,15€/m² )

Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid

Chalet for sale
size720m² bedroom/s5 baths5 garage4 plot size1.802m² garden swimming pool
1.250.000€ (£ 1.098.215 app.) (1.736,11€/m² )

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