Avenida Estudiantes, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Flat for sale
size38,53m² bedroom/s1 baths1
42.000€ (£ 37.837 app.) (1.090,05€/m²)

Churriana de la Vega, Granada

Penthouse for sale
size65m² bedroom/s2 baths1
95.900€ (£ 86.396 app.) (1.475,38€/m²)

San Isidro, Granadilla de Abona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Flat for sale
size77m² bedroom/s2 baths1 Energy certification: G #G#G# (3 kwh/m²)
49.000€ (£ 44.144 app.) (636,36€/m²)

Avenida Del Sur, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

for sale
size161m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage
105.000€ (£ 94.594 app.) (652,17€/m²)

Fontajau-domeny, Girona

Flat for sale
size103m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage1 Energy certification: D #D#D# (129 kwh/m²)
227.000€ (£ 204.504 app.) (2.203,88€/m²)

Avenida 1º de Julio, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Penthouse for sale
size85m² bedroom/s2 baths1
96.000€ (£ 86.486 app.) (1.129,41€/m²)

Arroyo-santa Justa, Sevilla

Flat for sale
size66m² bedroom/s3 baths1
134.000€ (£ 120.720 app.) (2.030,3€/m²)

María Auxiliadora, Sevilla

Flat for sale
size104m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garden swimming pool Energy certification: E #E#E# (139.74 kwh/m²)
275.000€ (£ 247.747 app.) (2.644,23€/m²)

Santa Catalina, Casco Antiguo, Sevilla

Duplex for sale
size102m² bedroom/s2 baths3
315.000€ (£ 283.783 app.) (3.088,23€/m²)

Centro, Alhendín, Granada

House for sale
size240m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage2 swimming pool
250.000€ (£ 225.225 app.) (1.041,66€/m²)

Ensanche, Valencia

Flat for rent
size142m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage1 Energy certification: B #B#B# (1 kwh/m²)
1.500€ (£ 1.351 app.) (10,56€/m²)

Armilla, Granada

Flat for sale
size95m² bedroom/s2 baths1 plot size75m²
78.900€ (£ 71.081 app.) (830,52€/m²)

Las Vaguadas, Badajoz

for rent
size200m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage1 plot size400m² garden swimming pool
1.200€ (£ 1.081 app.) (6€/m²)

Inca / Inca, Baleares (Illes Balears), Mallorca

Flat for rent
size125m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage2
800€ (£ 720 app.) (6,4€/m²)

Centre, Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona

Flat for rent
size130m² bedroom/s4 baths2 Energy certification: C #C#C# (99 kwh/m²)
1.650€ (£ 1.486 app.) (12,69€/m²)

Alt Montgat, Barcelona

Chalet for rent
size550m² bedroom/s5 baths3 garage2 plot size550m² garden
2.950€ (£ 2.657 app.) (5,36€/m²)

Casco Urbano, Fuensalida, Toledo

Flat for sale
size90m² bedroom/s3 baths2
69.900€ (£ 62.972 app.) (776,66€/m²)

Polideportivo, Benicarló, Castellón

for sale
size244m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage2
198.000€ (£ 178.378 app.) (811,47€/m²)

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