for sale in Salida Del Peral, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real.

Salida Del Peral, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

for sale
size100m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage plot size110m² garden
140.000€ (£ 126.126 app.) (1.400€/m²)

Montecollado, Llíria, Valencia

Chalet for sale
size120m² bedroom/s3 baths1 plot size1.200m² garden swimming pool
127.000€ (£ 114.414 app.) (1.058,33€/m²)
Parking space in Paseo Carmelitas, Salamanca.

Paseo Carmelitas, Salamanca

Parking space for rent
size8m² garage1
40€ (£ 36 app.) (5€/m²)

Playa de la Pobla de Farnals, Valencia

Flat for rent
size120m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garden swimming pool Energy certification: D #D#D# (165 kwh/m²)
850€ (£ 765 app.) (7,08€/m²)

Arrancapins, Valencia

Parking space for rent
size20m² garage
80€ (£ 72 app.) (4€/m²)

Bailén, Jaén

Flat for sale
size70m² bedroom/s3 baths1
from 19.999€ (£ 18.017 app.) (285,7€/m²)

Paseo Estación, Salamanca

Flat for rent
bedroom/s3 baths1
500€ (£ 450 app.)

Piedralaves, Ávila

Chalet for sale
size145m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage2 plot size153m²
143.000€ (£ 128.828 app.) (986,2€/m²)

Nucleo Urbano, Burriana, Castellón

Flat for rent
size83m² bedroom/s3 baths1
430€ (£ 387 app.) (5,18€/m²)

Salida Del Peral, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Flat for rent
size100m² bedroom/s3 baths2
470€ (£ 423 app.) (4,7€/m²)

Alameda, Centro, Sevilla

Flat for rent
size60m² bedroom/s2 baths1
600€ (£ 540 app.) (10€/m²)

Torneo-calatrava, Casco Antiguo, Sevilla

Parking space for rent
size5m² garage
40€ (£ 36 app.) (8€/m²)

Feria, Casco Antiguo, Sevilla

Parking space for rent
size5m² garage1
40€ (£ 36 app.) (8€/m²)

La Magdalena, Centro, Sevilla

Flat for sale
size236m² bedroom/s5 baths3 garage Energy certification: F #F#F# (317.25 kwh/m²)
665.000€ (£ 599.099 app.) (2.817,79€/m²)

Pocafarina, Llagostera, Girona

House for sale
size188m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage2 Energy certification: E #E#E# (208 kwh/m²)
262.000€ (£ 236.036 app.) (1.393,61€/m²)

Ciudad Del Campo, Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

House for sale
size142m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage1 plot size252m²
295.000€ (£ 265.765 app.) (2.077,46€/m²)

Campanar, Valencia

Flat for sale
size123m² bedroom/s4 baths2
250.000€ (£ 225.225 app.) (2.032,52€/m²)

Massamagrell, Valencia

Duplex for sale
size131m² bedroom/s3 baths3 garage1
180.000€ (£ 162.162 app.) (1.374,04€/m²)

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